About Me

Many years ago when I was 8, I had a friend who asked me questions about Christianity. I struggled to answer any of his questions. I ran home to get my Bible but even then I could not find any answers. Since then I decided to study the Bible hard, because I told myself that no one will ever ask me a question that I did not know the answer to.

As a kid I always tried to be the best at learning the Bible, it was a competition for me. I was top of my class every time. At the age of 12 I decided to start preaching, I preached at a children service at my local church. After I finished preaching I found out that it was my calling. I also found that teaching was something I would like to do for the rest of my life.

As I grew older, by my late teens I would look for members from other religions to argue about our beliefs. Yes people I said argue, later in my life I learned that that was not the way to do it. I learned how to debate instead of argue. I love to teach and preach according to what the bible says.